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The Contender Lyrics

I’ve been written off so many times before I’ve forgotten what it feels like to succeed anymore Always on the sidelines, waiting in the wings When the curtain finally calls, I’m never on the screen And I’ve got the scars to prove I’ve been there I’ve got the marks from when I tried I’ve covered […]

Feed My Fire Lyrics

Searching for the answers I never thought I’d find Fascination, inspiration, corners of my mind Feed my, feed my fire, hold me, pure desire Waiting, waiting for the time We will be mine, you will be mine You will be mine Feed my, feed my fire, hold me, pure desire Waiting, waiting for the time […]

Never Too Late Lyrics

I’ve always been a dreamer With my head in the clouds Never one to choose my own way I’m happy to follow the crowds But something started and it won’t go away Stirring from deep inside Something’s changing, what it is I cannot say I want to lead the way Come crashing down Like water, […]

Automatic Lyrics

I’m going back, back again Flying solo, only myself to blame Taking my chances time and time again Goodbye to you my old friend Cause I’m ready to go, this feeling won’t stop Hitting the road, it’s all that I’ve got It’s automatic Foot to the floor, I can’t take anymore Running from the life […]

Under Stars Lyrics

In life you gotta find your feet In life you gotta dare to dream Don’t worry We still love you You still feel it even when we’re miles apart You’re living under Stars and Stripes In life you gotta spread your wings Don’t worry bout the little things Keep fighting Keep trying We’ll be here […]

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