Amy Macdonald’s wealth estimated at GBP 6 million

Scottish pop star Amy Macdonald brought the value of her fortune to over 6 million pounds last year.

A wealth controlled

She is the only director of the three companies she owns, with the sole help of her mother, Josephine, an accountant who acts as a secretary.

Her records sold millions of copies and she became a big star in European countries like Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Amy created the companies 12 years ago, shortly after the signing of her first recording contract. Nor did she hesitate to buy luxury items with her royalty account.

It is also ready to start again the year 2019 in beauty, as shown in this tweet:

The car fanatic bought a special Ferrari 458 of 170 000 £ and a Ferrari 488 GTB worth 200 000 £. She was also one of the first people selected to acquire a 250 000-pound Ford GT supercar.

Here are some of the coolest cars she has owned over the years:

Indeed, Amy has a passion for cars since she was a child.

wealth and car

I really became someone who would like to build a large collection of cars.

Amy Macdonald