Roland Kaiser and Amy Macdonald at the cultural summer of Raiffeisen

The line-up of RAIFFEISEN CULTURAL SUMMER 2019 is already grandiose: with Rea Garvey, Mark Forster.
And now two superstars are freshly confirmed:

Pop star Roland Kaiser inspires visitors to the Schlosspark Tüßling on Thursday, July 25th! And on Friday, August 9th, the wonderful Amy Macdonald will be at the Altöttinger Kapellplatz!

We are very pleased to be able now to enrich the RAIFFEISEN CULTURAL SUMMER 2019 with these two wonderful events, said Wolfgang Altmüller CEO of VR Meine Raiffeisenbank EG.

“Roland Kaiser moves the masses with his concerts today as he did before. It is part of the wish list of our artists for some time, as we absolutely wanted to serve the fans of the German Schlager, said Altmüller and the main organizer, Oliver Forster (COFO Entertainment Passau).

And with Amy Macdonald, we were able to commit to a truly exceptional talent, whose name is always at the top of the list of major European festivals.