Raiffeisen Kultursommer Altötting: Concert by Amy Macdonald

Altötting – There was a huge applause from the 3000 visitors: At the Raiffeisen Kultursommer on Friday evening on Altötting Kapellplatz, the atmosphere was excellent. Amy Macdonald gave her audience goose bumps.

This year, around 35,000 visitors attended the Raiffeisen cultural summer events in Mühldorf, Tüßling and Altötting. During the summer evenings, Amy MacDonald accompanied her fans on a musical journey and guests were immediately involved

With her Scottish accent, she has always offered a lot of sympathy to the public. She introduced herself with her powerful voice.

Halfway through the concert, the visitors couldn’t help but wait until the end of the show and applauded Amy.

At the end of the show, a huge storm of applause rang throughout Kapellplatz and could be heard throughout the city.