Interview with Amy Macdonald: Ten minutes for a world hit

The Scottish is talking about #MeToo, the influence of Pete Doherty on his career and his first love song.

Not a single scene wanted to see Amy Macdonald when asked to write a song about a strong woman for the soundtrack of “Patrick”. “I live and do everything by myself since I was 18 years old. I could immediately write the song about myself. “

“Woman of the World” is the name of the song that just appeared as one of the two new songs from Amy Macdonald’s famous collection, “Woman of the world-the Best of 2007-2018”. Even if it was finished before the #Metoo movement, it gained new relevance. However, Amy admits that she can not identify strongly with the movement because she has never been confronted with sexual compulsion in the music sector.

“But of course I also know situations in which I feel uncomfortable,” she said in an interview with KURIER. “For example, when I pose with a man for a photo and he lays his hand on my butt. As a woman, you like to think, well, that happens because you’re used to it from the beginning. But that is exactly why I think it is great that #MeToo has been mentioned: it is outrageous behaviour that should not be accepted. “

Jeans and T-shirts

Although Macdonald has never been the victim of abuse of power, she has often faced sexism in the music sector: At first it was a difficult struggle to be seen as a musician, and not just as a pretty girl with a beautiful voice. It’s a lot harder for a woman. And I found it unfair to always make fun of my appearance, whereas male artists could be as sloppy as they wanted, and not everyone cared. People said I was fat and complained about my outfits. The stylists, who were often the least well dressed people in the room, put me in all these neat clothes for the photo shoots, and I always thought: No, it’s not me, I’m not a jeans and a T-shirt! And you can see in the pictures how uncomfortable I felt. “

Now, she says, she only wears her own outfits in photo shoots. But she has only fought for it for the last two years. Too late, after all, her career began when she wrote the breakthrough “This Is the Life” at age 17 in her youth room. An event she will never forget.

“This Is the Life” and other tubes will be presented by the Scottish this spring during a tour with strings in acoustic version. Despite the career critique, she already thinks about the next album and wrote her first love songs for her husband, footballer Richard Foster. “They are very happy”


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