Her passion for cars

Amy, only 31 years old, already owns luxury cars, including a Ferrari, Bentley and McLaren in her collection.

Amy Macdonald’s wealth estimated at GBP 6 million

It is clear that she has made a lot of money and has therefore bought herself some very nice cars. You may also remember her from the Top Gear series where she confessed her love of cars.

Amy Macdonald: “I’m an accidental Ford GT owner”

Here are some of the coolest cars she has owned over the years:

Audi R8 V8/V10/GT

Audi R8 car

It’s the car she’d loved for years and years. It was his dream car before she even passed her driving test.

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R car

The Nissan GT-R is a car that didn’t impress Amy that much.
She said, “It was like I was just driving a big plastic box.”

Bentley Continental Supersports

Bentley Continental Supersports car

It’s a very bestial car to own.
The Bentley Continental Supersports is equipped with a twin-turbocompressor W12 with 612 hp. If that is not the definition of a monster on wheels, I don’t know what it is. What worries me is how many times she should have refuelled. The cost would be astronomical!

Range Rover Vogue

Range Rover Vogue car

She clearly wanted something a little more economical than the Bentley… oh, wait, less economical.
But, I suppose, every celebrity must have a Vogue at some point. They’re not bad cars at all.

Ferrari 458 Special

Ferrari 458 Special car

It is her pride and joy, the Ferrari 458 Speciale

2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT cars

Amy Macdonald is about to add to her supercar collection after being chosen to own one of only 500 Ford GTs. More than 6,000 people registered and the car giants sent an email to announce that her request to buy the car at £250,000 had been successful.