Cutting Judi Dench’s cardboard out of the apartment leaves Glaswegians perplexed

In one of our most unusual stories of the time, here’s why Amy MacDonald was found grounded by Judi’s rare appearance in Glasgow.

A Glasgow man was worried about a woman in one of the apartments opposite his work, only to find that it was a cut-out box of Dame Judi Dench.

Who’s Judi Dench?

Judith Olivia Dench, known as Judi Dench, is a British actress, born on December 9, 1934 in York (North Yorkshire). She is known worldwide for having played M in seven films in the saga based on the James Bond character, from 1995 to 2012.

Amy Macdonald shares her discovery on Twitter

Singer Amy MacDonald shared the episode on her Twitter account this afternoon, admitting that the unusual sight had made her delirious.

Her friend shared the photos with her after initially worrying that “the woman hadn’t moved” in a few hours.

However, after realising that it was simply Dame Judi, enjoying the view of Glasgow, her fears were quickly allayed.

Amy commented: “My friend was at work and she noticed a woman at the window of one of the apartments across the street.

“She didn’t really think much of it. She thought it was just a woman having coffee and looking out the window.”

“She started to get a little worried as the hours went by and that woman hadn’t moved.

“She went to look for a better view.

“Och, just a cardboard cutout of Judi Dench.

“To the person who lives in that apartment. You gave us the biggest laugh today.”

But apparently, having a cardboard cutout of the Lady in his house is not an unusual trend. “Haha my friend has one at his house.

“I don’t remember why they got it, but it’s usually placed randomly in the house.

“It makes me laugh every time!”

Each to their own, Glasgow. We’re glad Judi’s enjoying our city.