Amy Elizabeth Macdonald was born in Bishopbriggs, north of Glasgow, on August 25, 1987. Growing up, the girl is exposed by her big sister to some musical productions (Red Hot Chili peppers, among others) that permanently implant in her the virus of music.

Amy Macdonald uses her pocket money to buy a CD from the Scottish pop band Travis, which she later has the opportunity to enjoy in public, at the T in the Park festival, a must-see in Scotland since the years 1990. The presence in the family home of a guitar bought and never used by his father, gives him the idea to put herself to play. This self-taught person soon finds herself gifted with music and begins composing her own texts: still a teenager, she makes her teeth playing in Glasgow pubs and coffee shops.

A contract with a local production company ensues, but the young singer soon goes to Mercury Records, a subsidiary of Universal. In May 2007 released the first single by Amy Macdonald, “Poison Prince”, followed two months later by the album This Is the Life, whose title song became a hit. The album, which Mercury produced with great means, flows to 600 000 copies in Great Britain; The label soon organizes the world launch of the young singer in the middle of summer 2008.

Amy Macdonald, who speaks with a Scottish accent to cut with a knife, sings on the contrary in a soft and fluid English that charms the international audience. Now in orbit, it has become one of the most popular voices of English pop. In 2010, she returned with a new album called A Curious Thing, recorded in the company of The Godfather and eternal mod Paul Weller (ex-The Jam). This second collection taken by the single “Don’tTell Me That It’s Over” declines a clean, charming and efficient pop.

In the interval between a Curious Thing and her third album, Amy Macdonald embarked on a long tour spanning more than a year, followed by a period of introspection conducive to the creation of the songs of Life in A Beautiful Light. Released in the summer of 2012, this new studio effort sees the young Scottish girl pursuing her way between suave folk and pop-rock driving. In the aftermath, his previous album was the subject of an orchestral version: a Curious Thing: Special orchestral Edition.

New titles were born in 2016 and 2017, without being followed by a new album. The compilation Woman of the World 2007-2018 brings the eponymous title unpublished.