Amy surprise in front of her fame

Thanks to a single tube, Amy has gained incredible notoriety all over the planet. She is now known all over the planet, especially in the Netherlands.

Indeed, the first regular music show of Top 2000 in the Netherlands allowed its title “This is the life” to come back in the spotlight. Ten years after its release.

The music was downloaded many times by internet users and making its comeback in the Top 5 on ITunes, and Amy noticed it and expressed it on Twitter.

“I woke up with many posts from the Netherlands and it seems now that ten years later, This is the Life is back in the Dutch Top 5 of ITunes. Try to escape this song! “

In the show Top 2000 a Gogo, a mini-documentary was aired on the success of Amy Macdonald and on the title that made her famous, it is moreover this song that became a hit in the Netherlands, followed by the rest of Europe.