Amy MacDonald Tuesday night at the Admiralspalast in Berlin.

At the Admiral’s Palace, Amy MacDonald unplugs the plug. Unplugged, because it gives more space to its blows. And shows how well she writes her songs.

Twelve years have passed since MacDonald conquered German radio with his Pop Folk Rock songs

“Berlin is probably the coolest city in the world,” Amy explains, “Everyone knows that, except the people who live here.” She talked a lot that night, it wasn’t always like that. At the beginning of her career, she liked to play concerts. She has become more confident, a “woman of the world”.

For the stories, it takes time, but also musically.

Fortunately. The song “Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over”, in fact very urgent, receives a brand new colouring with soft violins and a piano.

It is a pity that Berlin is the first city where not everyone has got up. The public is also aging.

But the evening proves above all that Amy MacDonald is a strong songwriter whose songs are very well written.