Amy Macdonald is now valued at more than £6.3 million

Amy Macdonald is now valued at more than £6.3 million after another great year in 2019, her company accounts revealed.

Amy Macdonald Ltd, which channels the profits from writing songs for Bishopbriggs’ pop queen, has £2.2 million in its coffers after a profit of more than £250,000 for the year ending April 2019.

Amy Macdonald Touring Ltd. has earned about 30,000 pounds to bring its value to 3.05 million pounds, and her third company, All Right On The Night, has more than a million pounds in the bank.

Accounts at Companies House showed that the companies had a combined value of £6,302,578an increase of nearly £200,000 over the previous year.

Amy, 32, has an investment portfolio worth £3.8 million.

She is the sole director of the companies and her mother, Josephine, an accountant, acts as company secretary.

She has sold more than 12 million records worldwide and is a big star in countries such as Germany and Denmark as well as in the UK.