Amy Macdonald forced to cancel her concert at the Spring Gathering on May 29

As usual Amy Macdonald communicates with her fans via the social network Twitter, but this time, it will be for a rather sad announcement.

Indeed, due to technical and logistical problems, she will not be able to perform her Spring Gathering show on May 29th

Due to technical and logistical problems that my team and the festival did not anticipate, we regret to announce that my band and I will no longer be performing at Spring Gathering on May 29th. I look forward to seeing you at one of our many other festivals in the UK and Europe in July/August!

Spring Gathering

spring gathering

The ultimate family festival, Spring Gathering features a variety of clever sounds that will captivate all ages from start to finish. In 2022, headliners include Punk Poetry Award winner Patti Smith, psychedelic mainstays the Flaming Lips and 90s art-rock purveyors Placebo.