Amy Macdonald finds the roles of actors outrageous

Amy Macdonald admitted that she had been offered “so many roles” in movies and plays, but that she had always refused them

Amy Macdonald finds it “outrageous” when offered acting roles.

The 31-year-old singer has been offered “so many roles” in films and plays, but she has always refused them because she “never played the role of actress” and did not think she was qualified for roles.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said, “I’ve been offered so many roles in films and I find it so outrageous that I’ve never really played an actor or anything like that.

“I was asked if I auditionnerais a role in a Broadway musical because the director adored me”

Her interest in the success of This is the Life is “flattered”, but she is struggling to shoot “three minutes of film” for a video clip and therefore does not think she could have a successful acting career.

She said: “I am flattered by the offers, but I have trouble making videos and they only record three minutes.”

The Rock and Roll singer was hit by the creation of “Woman of The World”, an ideal compilation album after a moving performance at a music festival. Amy confessed, however, that she found the term “best of” rather embarrassing.

She said: “For me, the term” best of “is quite embarrassing, I think of Madonna and Bruce Springsteen and all these amazing artists. I don’t really see myself in this kind of gang, unfortunately.

“I may be someone that people who don’t know much about me know more about my songs than they think.

“Seeing this massive response in Perth, the reactions of so many people, I had the feeling that a collection album was a great idea.”